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Muller Range Expedition

18 Days Crossing Expedition
West – East Borneo

DAY 01: Jakarta Arrival
Upon arrival in Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Internatinal airport, we will transfer you to Hotel at down town in Jakarta . Free Program all meals on your personal account.

DAY 02:Jakarta/Pontianak/Putussibau
Early morning we will transfer you to Jakarta airport to catch the first flight to Pontianak . Depart to Pontianak by BURAQ AIRLINES 325. Upon your arrival at Supadio Airport of Pontianak, we will have connecting flight to Putussibau by KALSTAR. Free Program all meals on your personal account. (B)

DAY 03:Putussibau/Kapuas River
After breakfast at Hotel in Putussibau towards to the headwaters of the Kapuas by long boat. Needed all necessary supplies estimate day, as far upstream as possible and passing several river side settlements. Safe bet is overnight riverside and encampment or local house floor (B, L, and D).

DAY04: Kapuas River/ Bungan River / Tanjung Lokang
Kani & GroupEn route, rapids will excite and delay matters no point here going into the drills, needed in white , water such as this suffice to say boats, will be manhandled, powered, punted, and pulled upstream. Sometimes portaging contents to appoint above a particularly tire some cascade. Here in 1826, en route of from the Mahakam headwater, the first European to reach Kalimantan interior Major George Muller of the Dutch colonial service, came to stickend, attacked by Iban’s Dayak. Eventually, above a final tributary, when the water content is halved yet again, there is nothing for it, but to dispense with boat and boat man service and to proceed on foot. At the little settlement of Long Bungan, Easil confuse with Long Bungan, on the other side of divide, or some way beyong of the place called Tanjung Lokang, probably as far upstream as we can get by longboats. Meals to be prepared and overnight at local house (B, L, D).

DAY05: One Extra Day for Trekking
On today we have one day extra days trekking inside to the Mt. Muller range.(B, L, D)

DAY06: Tanjung Lokang- Bobo / Sei Bulit (Sungai Bulet)
tanjunglokang1Across up Land Ladang “slash and burn, long fellow dry” rice field through the forest by way often ill – defined trails. Typical 05 to 06 hours walking/day plus breaks is envisaged. It’s enough. Safe bet is overnight on the river side to construct our bivouac type shelters of wood and water proof awning. Meals to be provide and overnight at local house (B, L, D).

Act as alternative footpaths ones, which sometimes result in wading – waist and chest high. Higher up the Stream of Bungan River are boulders, pools and whirlpools and buttresses of steel grey out crops. A clearing by river or stream is routine place to construct our bivouac type shelters of wood or water proof awning (B, L, and D).

DAY08: Sungai Bungan/Sungai Bangun Lea
Trekking here is never boring, there is always new development, estimating distance, location, progress the road to follow, the meals to be prepared, the night site to decide on (B,L,D).

DAY09: Sungai Bangun Lea/ Piang Lo’ong
The central divide the watershed between the Kapuas and Mahakam is in fact a fairly low altitude, sadlle in Muller Range of the Kalimantan Highland. The maximum altitude of the crossing is questimated less then 1500 meters. Occasionally, one can expect splendit be “Belawang” totem, draped in offering. The edge of waters courses in the often steep, hanging like rope that whisk – trapeze artist to highwire performance. Information is both limited and so what contradictory, but the route on the upward Kapuas Side of the divide is believed to be steep in many sections but easier on the descent Mahakam Side. Meals to be prepared and overnight in biouvac type shelters of wood and water proof awning (B, L, D).

DAY10: Piang Lo’ong / Muller Range
The journey will be continued through the tropical rain forest, a dip in the river, a rest to be taken and surrounding to be examined an investigation of just a few square metres qill reveal something different af animal every time. Meals to be prepared and overnight as day 09 (B, L, D).

DAY11: Muller Range / Muara Cuting
Typically, 07 hours walking today and the guide might introduce you to the skills of Dayak Fishing and fire lighting sodden wood. In your trip will be accompanied by porters from Dayak people. Meals to be prepared and overnight in bivoua type shelters of wood and water proof awning (B, L, D).

DAY12: Muara Cutting / Saite or Mahakam River
Early morning hunting the animals in the jungle by Dayak hunters then return for breakfast, typically 5 hours walking to reach Saite. Overnight camp. (B, L, D).

DAY13: Muara Sai’te/ Tiong Ohang
Another 3 hours of walk to reach Mahakam River side, upon arrival the river side, pick up by the long boat (locally called Cas) then take us to Tiong Ohang village. Overnight at local house. (B, L, D)

DAY14: Tiong Ohang/ Long Bangun
Breakfast at the long house, (not in the long boat) then another 8 – 10 hours sail by boat to Long Bangun. Overnight at local long house. (B, L, D)

DAY 15: One Extra Day for the Tribe Performance
On today we will have one extra day for watch and see the tribe performance during stay in Long Bangun. This site is rich with the dayak culture and performance. (B, L, D)

DAY 16: Long Bangun – Sail on the House Boat
After breakfast, leave the village of Long Bangun by house boat. Lunch and dinner to be provided in the house boat. During the sailing trip, you can explore and learn the local way of live ‘ river side civilization’ which is much different from what we normally have in the dry land area. (B, L, D)

DAY 17: From the House Boat / Samarinda
Arrival at the house boat harbor in the afternoon. Check in to hotel middle class in Samarinda. The rest of the day is free for your own activities and dinner will be served on your personal account. (B, L)

DAY 18: Samarinda / Balikpapan
Breakfast at hotel then in the appropriate time, drive to Balikpapan airport for catch your flight to the next destination.

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